CNC Machines

The CNC department consist of 9 CNC machines, 3 lathes (2 x 2 axiz and 1 x 3 axis) and 5 milling machines. 3 of the milling machines have intergrated 4th axis tables for intricate 4th axis milling work. In order to machine complex 3D shapes we have a fully integrated cam system (Catia), allowing us to produce tool paths from customer supplied data. Machine capacities and sizes are detailed in the tables below.

CNC Turning Centres 

TypeControlQty"X" axis travel"Z" axis travelSwing ØSpindle boreMax length of workpieceMax tools
JohnfordFanuc 0T1328125401201208
DaewooFanuc 18M12003664047047012
LeadwellFanuc 0T14001400681250125010

CNC Machining Centres

TypeControlQty"X"axis travel (manual)"X" axis travel (p/feed)"Y" axis travelTable sizeMax toolsMax mass of workpiece
Kao-MingFanuc 15M1203011205002000 x 1100242500
Kao-MingFanuc 0M115207407001650 x 650321500
JohnfordFanuc 0M29004905801100 x 47016750
Bridgeport1 (Manual)1756700350960 x 3801 (Manual)