Xmeco’s foundry specialises in Non-Ferrous Castings. With more than 50 years experience in the foundry business, Xmeco offers our customers high quality castings with or without machining.

The foundry provides pattern making, moulding, melting, knock-out, fettling and heat treatment facilities. Skills and expertise with chemically bonded sand systems have been acquired and refined over a long period of time.

Typical Non-Ferrous Alloys Cast using Sand Moulds or Gravity Die Casting Processes
Aluminium CastingLM6, LM10, LM21, LM25, LM27, A356, A3570.5 to 600 kg
Aluminium Bronze Casting

Beryl Casting

Brass Casting

Bronze Casting

Gunmetal Casting

Copper Casting

Zinc Casting

Lead Casting
Ali Bronze - AB1 (CB334GS), AB2 (CB334GS)0.5 to 1000 kg
Brass - HTB1, HTB3, SCB1, SCB3, SCB6
Bronze - LG1, LG2, LG4, LB2, LB4, LB5, PB1, PB2
Beryllium Copper - Commonly called Beryl Copper or BeCu0.5 to 200 kg
Chrome Copper

Chrome Zirconium Copper
CuCrZr, CuCr, CuZr, CuNiSi, CuNiBe, CuCoBe
Extrusions stocked