In Southern Africa, Xmeco represents the products of several international Companies

Luvata is the world’s leading manufacturer of resistance welding cap electrodes for the automotive industry. The product selection for the welding industry meets the high performance criteria of resistance welding.

Serra is a leading company in the field of timers, and believes in teamwork. This has lead to a relationship between Xmeco and Serra for Xmeco to be the supplier for Serra timers in South Africa. Serra are well known for medium frequency inverters, weldgun controllers and weld controllers.

Harms+Wende is known in welding technology for more than 60 years. Harms+Wende manufactures weld timers to give assurance of weld spot quality and accuracy. Harms+Wende has always been a trendsetter and the controls are used worldwide. To make products more readily available to customers in South Africa has lead to Xmeco being the supplier for Harms+Wende timers for the local market.